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Hello and welcome to my BeyeNETWORK blog! I will use this blog to share my thoughts and observations on new analytic business applications and data management : vendor briefings, case studies, events and other activities that stimulate ideas will be the source. I believe the emergence of this new class of application, and new emerging data management tools, herald a next step in the maturity of information technology, and I'm excited to be present for its emergence. I hope my blog entries will stimulate ideas that will serve both the vendors creating these new solutions and the companies that will improve their business prospects as a result of applying them. Please share your thoughts and input on the topics.

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Cloudera's continuing focus on the implications of explosive data growth has led it to another key partnership, this time with Informatica.
Connecting to the dominant player in data integration and data quality
expands the opportunity for Cloudera dramatically; it enables the de facto commercial Hadoop leader to find new ways to empower the "silent majority" of data. The majority of data is outside;
not just outside enterprise data warehouses, but outside RDBMS
instances entirely. Why? Because it doesn't need all the management
features database management software provides - it doesn't get updated
regularly, for example. In fact, it may not be used very often at all,
though it does need to be persisted for a variety of reasons. I recently
mentioned Cloudera's success of late; it's going to be challenged by some big players in 2011, notably IBM, whose recent focus on Hadoop
has been remarkably nimble. So these deals matter. A lot. The Data
Management function is being refactored before our eyes; both these
vendors will play in its future.


Posted December 21, 2010 9:54 AM
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