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Jorgen Heizenberg

Return on Intelligence

I am happy to be part of the BeyeNETWORK team of thought leaders. I have a great interest in all things related to business intelligence, and I hope to blog about ways I see BI providing business value. In fact, I use a term, "return on intelligence," to describe the impact of delivering the right information, gathered from myriad sources, to a wide number of people which empowers them and their decision making.

I truly believe in the value of BI, especially in this economic downturn. If you have examples of positive return on intelligence or have topics you would like me cover, please contact me via this blog or at

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Jorgen Heizenberg currently acts as the Principal Technology Officer for the Business Intelligence (BI) domain at Capgemini in the Netherlands. He actively monitors the BI market for the impact on Capgemini and its clients. He is the author of many articles and white papers on business intelligence. Jorgen is also actively advising clients on business intelligence. Over the years, he has filled many different roles - all BI related, ranging from reporting specialist to BI strategy consultant. He has more than 10 years of experience on a operational, tactical and strategic level in planning, designing and creating management information solutions for a variety of clients and industries. He is known within the Dutch BI community for his original and often humorous approach toward BI. His ambition is to create a stronger focus on BI functionality and end-user benefits rather than on technique. You may contact him at  

December 2008 Archives

What makes Business Intelligence successful? Why is one project turning out great and the other one a complete failure? I wish I had the answer to this but I don't. What I do know - see my previous blogs - is that BI has to be super fancy sexy. This means that any BI solution should look great which greatly increases the changes of success. The last time I blogged on this topic I had 5000% more traffic on my blog (google term: BI SEXY). So to all my new readers please react to below mentioned best practices and see if you share this. Please react and become a BI GURU yourself. Design phase

  • Think about targetgroups (different users have different needs)
  • Think about usage (adhoc and structured )

Build phase

  • Go for quality instead of quantity
  • Mix your team (functional and technical)

Implementation phase

  • Don't stop after build.
  • Support BI by forming a competence center
  • Find high level support (thougtleadership, inspiration much more than sponsorship)

Posted December 16, 2008 2:57 PM
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