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Rapid Integration Speeds Economic Resource Optimization Efforts Summary
Pointserve is an Austin-based company delivering Economic Resource Optimization (ERO) software for businesses predominately needing solutions for managing distributed resources, third-party service networks, equipment dealer networks and fleets of various types. Pointserve’s ERO solutions enable customers to predict demand, then plan, schedule and execute in a way that maximizes value across their extended enterprise. Pointserve recognized a strategic opportunity to address the small and mid-sized mobile services market with a SaaS-based scheduling offering – but a key component of any solution to the SMB market is ease of integration. To expand its addressable market, Pointserve needed to offer rapid, repeatable integration at a low cost. Pointserve capitalized on Pervasive Data Integrator to capitalize on the opportunity.

Topics: Data Integration, Customer Data Integration, Service Oriented Architecture (SOA), Analytics, SaaS (Software as a Service), Data Management
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No Data Emergencies for EMP Summary
EMP supplies residency-trained and board-certified emergency physicians to staff and manage hospital emergency departments. At 80 U.S. hospitals and counting, the company provides turnkey programs that offer higher levels of quality patient care, decreased malpractice liability claims, enhanced patient experience, hospital admissions and improved co-pay collections. EMP and its sister company Medical Billing and Financial Services (MBFS) achieve many of these objectives by placing great emphasis on efficiency and accuracy in the administrative and medical billing areas of its business.

Topics: Data Integration, Business Intelligence, Performance Management, Data Quality, Data Warehousing, Customer Data Integration, Data Management
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